Transformational  Extensive  Deliverance

​Mirace Deliverance Healing

Check Out Christianity Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Spirits Are Subject unto you on BlogTalkRadio

Check Out Christianity Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Spirits Are Subject unto you on BlogTalkRadio

How long does it take?

How does this type Ministry work?

TED LINE, the Telphone Line and the Healing Home where Transformational Extensive Deliverance takes place by way of the

Integrated Healing Prayer Model and Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries.

Spirit Soul Body, Deliverance Healing, Spirit, Soul and Physical Body, healing, deliverance, inner healing, soul restoration hidden opression exposed and destroyed, 21stcentury spirit-spiritual warfare, Divine Healing, overpowering demon spirits and destroying their works, casting demons out of people, exposing the lies fo the devil uprooting their lies with God's truth, Destroying hidden works of darkness, destroying yokes of  bondage, uncovering hindering spirits and  destroying their power and forces out of a person. Healing the broken hearts, restoring souls and setting the captives free.

Through the Miracle working Power of TED through the Holy Spirit. ​Transformational Extensive Deliverance. An Integrated Healing Prayer Model Ministry of Healing Deliverance Miracles, Brought about by the Integration of Exorcisms, Inner Healings, Deliverance and Divine Healing.

​A Ministry of a deeper level of the Gift of Discerning of Spirits, through "YADA" which is supernatural KNOWING. Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries and Erica Joseph Shepherd, A Lady Exorcist, Spirit Warfighter. ​Developing this Prayer Model through a passion and desire to see people made free from spiritual bondage brought on by Demonic Spirits, Demons and Evil Spirits abilities to Hide-Out within the soul and the physical body of a saved person and within the Spirit, Soul and Body of an unsaved person. It has required much obedience to God, discipline research, study and through the all-embracing unrelenting use of over 25 years of casting out demons, demonic influence, evil spirits, spirits of bondage and the overpowering spiritual witchcraft, through losing some battles and winning much more spiritual warfarethat you can now experience Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry Miracles within 25 hours here at our Ministry and Integrated Healing Prayer Home.  

Transformational Extensive Deliverance is a ministry tool of Spirit-Spiritual Warfare that works throughout and within the Spiritual, Soulish and the Physical realms by the Miraculous Supernatural power of God Prophetically and Gloriously. Thus we can humbly declare that "TED" The Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry works through scripturally sound, biblically based sound doctrine of Healing Bible Scripture, God's Holy Spirit and Jesus, the Word made flesh and dwelling among us. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the divinding asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 (AKJV) The Word of God (Helping Us Alive and Moving Upon the Earth Today) ​with the enormous might of God's Anointing and Glory. The Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry, TEDallows you to become Reconnected to Jesus, Connecting you with Our Father and enabling you to receive more of the fullness of God's Blessing's enriching you In Christ Jesus. ​You too can experience this Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry Miracle within 25 hours here at our Ministry and Integrated Healing Prayer Home.

​Go to www.tedlineericajosephshepherd.com and click on testimonies hear what others have experienced and then go to www.integratedhealingprayerministry.com and listen to the experiences of those who had to go through 21 days to receive this same ministry and were blessed by it.  You can be Blessed as well through this ministry if you can sacrfice the time and have a real desire for more of God!


Give us a call to see if we have room available.

​Call: 1-843-782-7788