Come and See

Awaken to the Living

Power of God,

 Get rid of the "Hell" the

Torment and the pain

within and without  

     your Spirit, Soul, Body 


​         *  Experience           

              *  Personal Healing                   

                      *   Personal Deliverance           

                        *   Personal Revival        


* EXPERIENCE                

​                              * The  Glory of God   

Are you a Christian who loves the Lord Jesus and truly desires to serve “Him?” And you are still sometimes filled with Anger, Rage, Hatred, Bitterness, Resentment and Murderous desires, Including thoughts of taking your own life? Are you suffering from annoying Mental, Emotional, or Behavioral problems? Do you have compulsive Habits, Addictions, or Perversions in your life that control you? Is your Mind frequently filled with thoughts of Defeat, Despondency, and Hopelessness? Is your mind frequently attacked with Unbearable or Paralyzing Fears?
Despite being a sincere Christian, do you find yourself repeating a set of Behaviors or Circumstances of Relatives, Ancestors or of your own doing? Do you live day after day under the Heavy Weight of Guilt, Shame, Condemnation, and Despondency, despite the fact that you know that a Christian’s life should not be this way?
What is the prayer that has been on your lips?
In your Heart?
Do you need a Breakthrough?

A Miracle?
If any of these descriptions

apply to you,                                                                                                                             there are three things you need

to know:
You are not alone:
There are many Christians just like you.
There is hope!
Jesus is not only going to help you,

Jesus is going to Heal you and

Jesus is going to make you Happy.

Your Freedom Is

The Heartbeat

Of God



Hidden Oppression

Revealed Uncovered Eradicated DESTROYED

You Made Free

​By the Power of 



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Erica Joseph Shepherd MINISTRIES

 WHOLE PERSON MINISTRY  SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY            Integrated Healing Prayer


TED LINE, AWAKEN TO GODS LIVING POWER, MIRACLE DELIVERANCE HEALING, RECONNECT TO JESUS CONNECT TO GOD EXPERIENCE THE MIRACULOUS Love of God for you  Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministry  TED LINE Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry,  God Delivering his people into "His Love" where you experience glorious GRACE, PEACE, JOY AND POWER. SPIRITUAL AND NATURAL FREEDOM within and without. GOD'S love, joy and peace Impacting you by the Word of God. You experiencing the Delivering Love of God bringing you and activating within you the fruits of God's Holy Spirit all through Jesus' finished work on the cross.Destroying the power of the Devil, healing the sick, spoiling principalities and powers,defeating death, hell and the grave. Jesus our Living Redeemer. Jesus  Alive,Today, "Jesus Risen." Loving Us Delivering us from Evil, Matthew 6:13 JESUS RESTORING YOUR soul, Psalm 23:3  I ask you Lord Jesus to Deliver us from the evil ones, establish your dominion in us on earth as it is in heaven. Help Us Lord Jesus, Deliver Your People From the Works, Thoughts, Deeds, Actions, Seeds,Fruit, Root and The Power of Darkness, Evil and Sin. Jesus, We willl cast out all of your enemies by your strength might and power. TED LINE,.. 1-877-795-7110...www.tedline.com .... Spirits Are Subject Unto you CASTING OUT DEVILS AND DEMONS, DELIVERANCE HEALING, EXORCISM, INNER HEALING, DIVINE HEALING.ERICA JOSEPH SHEPHERD MINISTRIES, RECONNECTING YOU TO JESUS-HOLY SPIRIT-GOD, BY WAY OF TRANSFORMATIONAL EXTENSIVE DELIVERANCE MINISTRY.




How can this happen

you might be thinking

Well It can be happening

by way of Spiritual Sickness or better understood

as Sin Sickness.

Spiritual Sickness,

Spiritual Problems with manifestations

In the Natural Realm Through: 

Demonic Oppression and Hidden Word based

Programming of Oppression from Demons, Demonic Influence and or through the utilization of Hidden Evil Spirits projected from someone's Evil Human Spirit or Soul.

Causing you to be experiencing Right Now Today,

"​Hell" On Earth. 

  TED LINE              










WITHIN YOUR              

Spirit, Soul and Body        

Erica Joseph Shepherd       



Spiritual and Natural Freedom         


Extensive Deliverance,   

TED LINE           

Through Our                   

Integrated Healing Prayer Model, 


​                     You Made-Free 

Healed and Delivered from

Active Bondage to Demonic Misery, Torment

and Demonic Pressure,

​Demonic Words, Thoughts, Deeds,

Actions and Effects.

​Along with the Spirits being

Cast-Out that are operating behind and through the"Hell" that has been causing you to have  been

Afflicted with Spiritual Disabilities